2018 Football Season

Welcome to 2018 season of Banting Football.  We WILL be having both a senior and a junior team!!!.  Practice starts the second day of school and goes EVERY day until the first game.  After the first game, a practice schedule with an average of three practices a week plus one game will be in place.  The schedule usually comes out the beginning of the second week of school.  It is be posted at the link below and at this website.

What you need to play football.

All equipment is provided by the school, except cleats.  Please bring water and cleats for the first practice.  NO experience is needed.  Usually only 30% of the Junior team has ever played football before.  And the team usually comprises half grade 9's and half grade 10's.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Cost to play football is $250 +$50 deposit.  This covers all our travel expenses, equipment rental, team dinner, pizza lunch, T-shirts, refs, buses, field lining, etc... and first aid equipment.  $50 is returned when the equipment is returned clean at the end of the season.  Payment plan options are available to those who it would benefit.  Please print a receipt that you paid and bring a copy to practice.

Go to Banting Cash On Line.  Click on "Pay Fees"

We have never turned somebody away because of financial issues.  We use Jump Start to help when it is needed.  If a player needs assistance, please speak to Mr. Haas and he will get things set up for you.  We are committed to making sure everybody who wants to play .....can plan.

Paperwork.   Only 1 form

1.  Permission to play.   Parents give you permission to play the sport.

Forms can be downloaded here:

2018 Junior Football Study Hall

Players will be required to attend MANDATORY study hall once per week.  We take academics very seriously.  With the new common lunch, it will allow the team to attend together.  These dates will be posted when the game schedule is out.  Grade 10 students will be able to help grade 9 students with work.  Grade 11 and 12 students will be optional to the study hall, some will be attending as tutors as well.  Our goal is to get half the team on the honour roll, 80% or higher, on the first report card marks.  We have been very close the last few years.

You can also go directly to Alliston Promotional and get the logo embroidered onto anything you like.  Bring your own blanket, hat, etc... or purchase one there!

Jackets will be from Alliston Promotional.  705 434-9327.  Located next to the Alliston Walmart.

2018 Season Info

Behind the Bench:  Parents and spectators are not to sit behind the benches at the football games.  Please respect this OFSSA rule and sit on the other side of the field. Thank you.

Parents For Scouting

Coaches are looking for parents who might have time to film games of other high schools for us to use as scouting reports.  If interested, please contact Mr. Haas.  Junior and senior. 

Check out the Intensity page for some of Mr. Haas' favourites.

Team Records

See link at the top or click above.

Team records are now being kept.  This years entries are 15 interceptions for the season by the Jr. Defense.  

18 Jr. Players make the Honour roll.  This is based on the first report cards that comes out just about the end of the season.  The honour roll is players who achieve an 80% or higher average.  Congratulations to these individuals. 

 Contact info

Mr. Haas Jr. Football  

        bryhaas@gmail.com    705 458-8468

Mr Meadley  Sr. Football



Is what you do when nobody is looking.

Training on your own takes, and makes, charcter.

You can't cheat, you cant take short cuts.

World English Dictionary

commitment  (kəˈmɪtmənt, kəˈmɪt ə l) -n

1.the act of committing or pledging
2.the state of being committed or pledged
3.an obligation, promise, etc that
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If it was easy, anybody could do it.

It is not always the strongest, the quickest, or the more skilled player who wins a battle.  

Often it is the player that has more heart.

Never give up.

 Banting Alumni Players 

This is a list of Banting players that have gone on to play football beyond high school.  If you should be on this list or you know somebody who should be, please contact Mr. Haas.

Brandon Bumstead, 2018 York University        O line.

Hayden Bristow, 2013, @Acadia University.  Safety

Thomas Troop, 2012, #28 @ Acadia University.  Running Back.                        2012-present                 2012  Rookie of the year

Bobby Troop, 2010, #39 @ Acadia University.  Full Back                                      2013-present    (also 1 season at  Laurier University)

Taylor Barclay, 2011 #48 @ Ottawa, LineBacker.                                                            Transferred to Acadia for 2014 season

Colin Hall, 2013, Laurier University.  Wide Receiver.                                               2013. Switched to the Rugby season for 2014.

Zach Blanch, Viera Highschool Florida, #32.  As a grade 10 set the Varsity Rushing Record, 145 attempts for 1,168 yards!  He played Junior football for Banting in Grade 9, 2012 season.

Banting Junior Vs. Innisdale 2013