2016 Stats
This is the season there was no Senior football team.  Do to attendance and poor character from a critical number of players, the season was started as an exhibition team, and folded after 2 games.

Juniors won the championship!!!!

The Tie game was not really a tie.  There was a referee schedule mistake and no refs showed for the game.  So the score was recorded as a 0-0 tie. 
Playoff scores:
Game 1.  Vs. Collingwood: 27-7
Game 2 Vs. Bear Creek:   20-0
Game 3 , SCAA championship, vs. Eastview : 23-13
Game 4, GBSSA championship vs. JOA  30-6.

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Bear Creek660012.012453
Barrie North64208.014657
Nantyr Shores62404.0158142