Parent Volunteers

We are looking for some parents, grandparents, friends, brothers, etc...  who are interested in making the Football experience all that more exciting.

Here is what we are looking for:

1. Videographer in the sky:  An adult who is not afraid of heights(only 15-20 feet up), and would be willing to go up on a platform to film games.  This is something the coaches and students can't do during an official school event.

2. Team Dinner.  We want to have a team dinner, pasta oriented, before a game.  School facilities can be used for this.

3. Coaching:  We are looking for people to help coach.  Football has so many specialized positions, that it is hard to have enough coaches.  Currently we are in need of Assistant Offensive coaches for both Junior and Senior teams.  Contact Mr. Haas

4.  Video and pictures.   The more video and pictures we can amass the better.  It is great to get video from different angles.   

5. Newpaper articles.  Somebody who is willing to do a game write up for the local papers.  Often they do not send out reporters, but will take our stories and pictures and print them.

Booster Club Leader 

We are looking for parents to start the First ever Banting Booster Club. This club will be responsible for helping to make the experience better for both parents and players of Banting football players.  It will be run by parents for parents and players.   All ideas and people are welcome!

Contact Mr. Haas at the school if interested.


Goals  For Year 1

1. Create a simple brochure of the team for the parents and spectators.

2. Help plan the year end banquet.

3. Create an action plan for the next year.