Character:    Is what you do when nobody is looking.  

To train on your own takes, and makes, character.  You can't cheat, you can't take short cuts. 

It takes commitment! and dedication.  Do you have what it takes?

Speed  Training:

1.  Aim for 3 to 4 times per week. (not more!)

2.  30 minute total work out, including stretching.

3.  Always do a 4-5  minute slow casual run to warm up.

4.  Always stretch well.  4-5 minutes

5.  Pick a variety of drills from the videos, or simple wind sprints.  Or find your own from the web or steal from past practices, etc...  But keep a variety so you don't get board.  I will eventually try to post some possible work outs.

6.  For 15 minutes, alternate between ALL OUT sprint, with relaxing.  Sprinting when you are dead tired will NOT help you to improve your speed.

7.  Practice perfect running.  Think technique and skill, not just running.

8.  Remember your arms.  They are critical for speed.

9.  Intensity!  ALWAYS ALL OUT!  Something you will hear a lot at next years practices.

10. A cool down, 2-3 minute simple jog, followed by 4-5 minutes of stretching.

Power Training:

1.  Something that takes time and patiences.

2.  If you don't have a gym, focus on push ups and sit ups.

3.  Can be combined with speed training or a separate day.

4.  Push ups are key.  This builds core body strength as well as muscles used in blocking, tackling, creating separation, throwing, catching.

5.  Strive to make the 55 club.

6.  Every night before you go to bed, do as many push ups and sit ups in a minute as you can.  call it 3 minutes a night if you put a rest in between.  IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

7.  Leg strength can include double leg jumping.  Height and distance separate.

8.  Repetition is key.  It is not your max when lifting weights, it is the most you can lift 5 times in a row!

Below is a selection of videos to help you get started.  Search the web for ideas.  Let me know if you find something good.

-->Coach Haas.

You only get out of it what you put into it!

Speed, power, agility, endurance!

This season is going to bring a strong emphasis on speed, strength, and agility training.  Each practice will incorporate many of the drills in the videos below.

Situps and push ups will be EVERY day.  Game or not!  Start now.  Not only does strength make you a better player, it protects you from injury.  You don't need a weight room to get stronger.  Only the will power to work hard.  And it IS hard to work to get stronger.  If it was easy, anybody could be good at football.

Some fun music.


Video of Speed and power-->.

Speed training Drills

Have any old tires?

The bigger the tire the better.

Push Up Form

Have a partner to watch you.  Basically, if you find an easier way to do a push are most likely doing it wrong!   You can change your angle, such as putting your feet on a chair, hands on the ground and vice versa.

KEEP THE CORE TIGHT (Stomach muscles)

Only these will be counted for the 55 club!!!

How to do the spin move 

Here is a video with some ideas for training.  Find a partner or group of guys.  These are for ANY sport.

Keys to remember:  

1.  When practicing speed....Go ALL out.  Then rest.  Short (30 sec. ) drills.

2.  Push off the ground hard. "Drive the feet"

3.  Arms are key for speed!  Keep them moving.  Arms should always be bent at about the same angle.  Arms go back until your hands can just go into a pocket at your hip. "Hands in the pocket".  Arms stay close to the body (No elbows out!), and should finish in front of your nose.  Not across your body, not out far, not higher.

4.  Many of these drills are for practicing power.  2 foot jumps, etc...

5.  Always look where you are running.  "Eyes to the target"

Video on how to work arms

Good Drills : With  BAD Arms

Simple drills with a young kid.  Compare his arm movements with video above.

This is an example of bad arms.  I wanted you to see how many grade 9 and 10's look when they run.      Coach Haas laughs every times he sees this.

Sit up form

Arms crossed on shoulders, elbows touch mid thigh.  Can you make the 55 club?

We will find out!.           Great hair cut!