You must have the participation

form to play!

Check list

  • Participation Form   (Same form for all sports at school)
  • Team Contract   (team specific)
  • Transfer Students Form (if needed)  (coaches will help)
  • Kids sport application, only if financial aid is needed.
introductory letter 2017.pdf introductory letter 2017.pdf
Size : 229.78 Kb
Type : pdf

Introductory Letter

A letter to the players and parents.  Discusses fees and times of practice. 

participation 2018 .pdf participation 2018 .pdf
Size : 424.24 Kb
Type : pdf

Participation Form  (must have)

Very important, has consent to play by parents, contact info, etc... MUST have to practice.   This is the same form for all sports, not sports specific.

Will be uploaded soon.  Hopefully on Thursday the 28th.   

Contact Coaches IMMEDIATELY if you are a transfer, grade 10 and above.

VERY VERY Important. 

Transfer Student Form

If you are new to Banting (grade 10 and above only), you must fill out this form in order to play sports.  It is important that you notify the coach IMMEDIATELY if you are new to the school.  

Kidssport application.pdf Kidssport application.pdf
Size : 422.671 Kb
Type : pdf

Kids Sport Application.

For financial assistance for kids who want to play sports in Ontario.   If you are interested, please contact any coach at any time to discuss how we can help you fill out the application ASAP.

Will be uploaded when relevant.

Academic Form

In order to play ANY sport at Banting, you must maintain your grades.  This is a form that will be filled out by the students and taken to ALL of their teachers during the season.  Students who fail to have this turned in at the appropriate time, or with satisfactory results, can be temporarily suspended from the team until improvements are made.  Grade FIRST, Sports SECOND!!!