Banting Jr. Team Vs. Eastview October  9, 2014.  

Today the team took to the field with a special condition.  We were playing all our grade 9 players as much as possible.  There was a special assembly in school for the grade 9 students.  It is to pass on important information about the school and see how students are getting by.  After the assembly, the grade 9 students come out to watch part of the game.  So we play as many grade 9's as possible in front of their piers.  Our grade 10 captains were great in practice making sure the grade 9 players got more reps than usual to help them get ready.  As coaches we were very proud of the players for stepping up and playing so well.

The game did not get off to a good start though, we had a completely grade 9 defense out on the field.  And being nervous, there were a lot of little mistakes that lead to a big play on the first play of the game.  A 70 yard TD run by Eastview.  However, it would be the last time they scored the entire game.  The Defense stood firm after that with goal line stops, blocked punts, and 3 interceptions.  Two by Connor and one by Weston.  The intense wind of the game made passing very difficult.  We tried a bit in the beginning, but quickly gave up.  With the wind caused over throws, and into the wind was very hard.  We only had 5 passing attempts, connection for just 1.  However, it was a 60 yard play.  40 yards in the air, and 20 yards after the catch, with a pass from Talon to Joel right down the middle.

The running game was really working with runs coming from many different players.  Quin, Sahara, Talon, and Seth are all grade 9's who ran the ball, and grade 10's were Joel, Justin, and Carter.  Our offense was getting the ball around to different players in different positions.  Something that was confusing the defense.  Great blocking by Ryan who was clearing his man all across the field opened up some big holes for the runners.

The defensive line once again put up the road block and stopped any plays up the middle.  Johnny, Evan, Eric, and James are quite the force when they are on the field.  The line backers played a much better game than last week, learning to step up and take on blocks.  This helped stuff the Eastview running game.  In the fourth quarter, Talon kept the ball on a QB run for an easy TD.  The fake was so good, that nobody even followed him.  A good fake only works when the fake is to a credible threat.  With three minutes left in the game, the team drove down to about the 10 yard line.  A bad pitch play on first down, and a nice run by Joel brought up 3rd and 1 on the 10 yard line with 1:25 left to play.  With a 30 knot wind at our back and great kicking all game by Seth, many people have wondered why we didn't call for the rouge. (Punting the ball over everybody's head and out the back of the endzone.)  This would have broken the tie game score of 6-6 by giving us one more point.  Well it comes down to the simple fact that the head coach, who was calling in the plays, is American.  And having been away for a year last year, had completely forgotten about the one point play in the excitement of the game.  So luckily for the coach, we got the ball back and still scored.  Don't worry folks, it will not happen again!.

Banting Jr. Team Vs. Collingwood October  2, 2014. 

Always hard to write a review for a loss, but even though the score is not what we want, there are still good things that happen on the field.  We took to the field after a good week of practice and opened up with our passing game.  A risky thing to try in Junior football but we wanted to have a go with our grade 9 QB to see how he would fair.  All our timing of routes and passes was just a bit off, but that is all it takes.  We went 0-9 early in the game and had trouble connecting.  A combination of errors, and not always the same people or same mistakes.  Just nerves and experience.  However,  we were not far off.  Our pass plays caused the defense to change their entire game plan.  We changed the way they lined up against us, part of our goal.  Our defense also had a few small mistakes in the game with lining up that cost us big.  Good news, we made the same mistake over and over, but it is a very simple mistake to fix.  We are a very inexperienced team that is learning fast.  Our Linebacker group has only 1 player who has played the game before, so we know we are going to get a lot of rookie mistakes.  It takes time to learn to read plays quickly and react.

In the second quarter, Nick took over the QB position.  He has been working hard as the back up QB and we told the team before the game he was playing the second half.  He completed all 3 of his passes and drove the team down to score.  Including a nice 30 yard pass completion to Carter.   Justin then took the ball in on a sweep play for the TD.  Again, we struggled with our 2 point conversion play.  Although we lost 22-12, we know we can play a much better game and look forward to a rematch.

The defense did have 3 interceptions again!  This is a great streak to have!

 Banting Jr. Team Vs. Barrie North.  September 24, 2014.

Banting 34-22

The Juniors took the field against Barrie North on a day of perfect football weather.  The offense had a chance, with 2 and out on the first series.  The defense gave slowly to the North team as they ate up the clock and marched down the field a few yards at a time, scoring a touchdown late in the first quarter.  Getting behind 6-0, the team did not give up.  The defense stopped the next possession, and recovered a fumble on a bad snap during a punt by North.  Two plays later, QB Talon Hurst connected with Sam Barnett with a 40 yard pass, with Barnett carrying players for yard after the catch to gain 10 more yards.  A quick screen pass to Seth Hall on the next play got the TD.  A botch play on the point after, left the game tied, 6-6.  

Then great kick off by Josh Nicholls with intense pursuit by the entire team had Westin Brewer hitting the ball carrier just as he picked up the ball.  The hard hit caused the football to soar straight up into the air where it was caught by teammate Declan McGuire who ran it in for a special teams TD.  The extra point play was again botched, leaving the score 12-6.

The defense shut down the North offense again, with pressure coming hard from the Defensive Ends who really stepped up their game.  Even Raymund and Eric Sampson starting putting serious pressure on North’s attempt to pass.  North executed a good punt that went out of bound at the Banting 20.  Next play, Slot back Carter Davidson ran a jet sweep all the way to the endzone.  Great blocking by everybody left him untouched all the way down.  Joel Roberts put in a 2 point conversion on to make the score 20-6 going into the second half.

North started with the ball in the third quarter and slowly drove down the field eating up the clock, finishing with a score late in the third quarter, completing a 2 point conversion pass to bring the score to 20-14, a one TD game.

But Banting answered by running the kick off all the way back!  Matt Wadge used his speed down the sideline and took it all the way in, for a second TD by the special teams.  Jessy Furrugia put in the two point conversion with some hard running, only to be called back for a holding call.  The next attempt saw a great pass to a wide open receiver hit the uprights. (Who had the idea to put the post IN the field anyway?)  The score, now 26-14.  

Line backer Matt Brett got his first sack as North tried to use their talented QB to go to the air.  With constant pressure now coming at the north QB from the defensive line, the QB had no time to set before he threw.  Weston Bristow, the safety, intercepted the pass over the middle.  Banting punts a few plays later back to North.

But soon after, with more pressure on the QB, another interception, this time by Daniel Rowland.  However, North answered with a great play by #34  who got in front of a pass intended for Seth hall, and intercept the ball and run it all the way back for a TD, score now 26-22.   Soon after, with only a few minutes left in the game, a third interception, this time by Declan McGuire who ran the ball back for his second TD of the game.  Talon connected with Matt Wadge on a nice pass play for the 2 point conversion.  Score now 34-22 with less than 2 minutes left.  A bad hand off by North on their first play, and Banting recovers, QB Talon Hurst takes a knee to finish off the game.

Great game guys.  There was lots of improving from the previous week.  Keep it up.