Welcome to Mr. Haas's Intensity Page

I have included some videos about players who are famous for playing the game of football with intensity both physically and mentally.  

Intensity is not something that just happens.  It takes practice, dedication, and commitment.  It takes a strong work ethic and desire to win, to be the best, and to dominate on every play.

Intensity is not a sometimes thing, it is not something you turn on in some games.  It  must be molded and refined in practice.  

Get inspired!  Get Intense!  Play smart! Play intense!

Mike "pinball" Clemons.

You don't have to be "Big" to be great. 

An incredibly smart man who uses his knowledge to coach and inspire young people all around Ontario.


Jack Lambert  #58

Pittsburgh Steelers

Know for his intensity and his SMARTS


Dick Butkus

  #51  Chicago Bears

The most intense player to play the game at linebacker.

Not that big, not that fast, not that strong. 

100% intensity! 

Earl Campbell   #34 

Houston Oilers

Power running back.

Speed and power along with a never give up attitude.

Watch how low he is when he makes contact.

And if he was on my team, I would bench him for the way he carries the ball in one hand.  

(well....bench him after he scored a few times)