Football is the ultimate team sport.  No individual can make a football team better.  Our society likes to look at the individual records and it makes the news often, however no QB would ever complete a pass if the O-Line missed their blocks.  No Receiver could make a catch with out the ball thrown, and no Running back would get far with out the Offensive line doing a great job.  It takes all the parts to make things happen.  This page is about TEAM records.  Contributions by multiple players and positions.


2016  All equipment returned in 24 hours from return time.

Most players awarded the 80% or higher 

 Academic Achievement award

18 out of 47 (38.3%)  Team of 2014

Most players awarded the 90% or higher

 Academic Excellence award

4 out of 47    (8.5%)    Team of 2014

Most interceptions in a season

15 interceptions in 8 games   3 in the post season

Average of 1.875 per game

Equipment returned to shed after game

Defense 2014         2:38 seconds